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We offer two versions of the VDO RoadLog ELD.

VDO RoadLog ELD has no monthly fees – perfect for owner operators!

VDO RoadLog ELD Plus has an affordable monthly fee that gives you cellular connectivity for near real-time track & trace of drivers, vehicles, and loads.

Both VDO RoadLog ELD and ELD Plus:

  • • Have a built-in log printer for faster inspections.

  • • Are VDO certified and FMCSA registered.

  • • Work with VDO RoadLog Office, our online compliance reporting and fleet management tool.

  • • Receive GPS signals and input from the vehicle to automatically create an hours of service log (HOS).

  • • Automatically calculate IRP and IFTA miles-by-state.

  • • Allow drivers to enter their pre- and post-trip inspections (DVIR) and supporting documents such as fuel purchases, tolls, and meals.

  • • Create a complete trip record that can be viewed, audited, archived, and printed from VDO RoadLog Office

Thinking your fleet will grow? Maybe you’re a small business now, but you believe you’ll grow. Choose the VDO RoadLog ELD Plus with cellular connectivity. That way, you can start with the no monthly fees of VDO RoadLog Office Solo, and when you're ready, migrate up to the enhanced fleet management features of VDO RoadLog Office Advanced or Office Premium.


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